Why LIC agency as a promising career

Why LIC agency as a promising career gives the following answers.

1) No Bossism

  • You are the BOSS to yourself
  • You need not work under anybody. You are a free bird.

2) No Capital required

Requirements are:

  • A smile
  • A few good words
  • A little physical work &
  • A strong thrust for earning

3) Self-Employment

  • No retirement.
  • No Golden shake hand.
  • Life long work.
  • High net worth people always like to be self-employed

4) Highly Potential                                                                                      Why LIC agency as a promising career

  • Population growth of India is 2 crores per annum.
  • We produce one AUSTRALIA every year.

5) Work according to your own TIMINGS

  • Great opportunity to manage your free time.
  • Part time agents are most successful agents.

6) Unlimited INCOME

  • You can decide your own income
  • Regular Cash Flow

7) Commission Rates

Agent will get the following commission rates:

  • 25% commission on 1st year premium along with 40% bonus commission.
  • 5% commission in 2nd and 3rd year premiums.
  • 5% commission from 4th policy year on-wards, till the end of the policy term.

8) Job profile of an LIC Agent

  • Out Going: Loving to go out & meet People.
  • Plan Presentation: Suggesting suitable PLANS that fulfill the NEEDS of the Prospect.
  • Closing the Sale: Convincing the Prospect that you have suggested the best possible solution for his Need & ask for the Order.
  • After Sales Service: Provide efficient after sales service and claims settlement.

9) NOT necessary

  • LIC Agent need not be a highly talkative.
  • LIC Agent need not be a highly qualified.
  • LIC Agent need not be a highly intelligent.
  • LIC Agent need not have rich back ground.
  • LIC Agent need not have cast back ground.

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