Club Galaxy for MDRT Agents

Club Galaxy for MDRT Agents (M.Y 2017-18) Membership Year: The year in which an agent becomes the member of the club will be known as Membership Year. It will starts from 1st September to the following 31st August. Qualifying Year: The financial year immediately preceding the Membership Year is the Qualifying Year. First Qualifying Year: […]

Why LIC agency as a promising career

Why LIC agency as a promising career gives the following answers. 1) No Bossism You are the BOSS to yourself You need not work under anybody. You are a free bird. 2) No Capital required Requirements are: A smile A few good words A little physical work & A strong thrust for earning 3) Self-Employment […]

Top 10 MDRT Agents 2014

“Million Dollar Round Table” (MDRT) is an independent Organization that acts as a cohesive link between the insurance and financial services professionals across more than 65 countries in the world. Since its inception in 1927, the association has offered its members the privilege of wider networking opportunities, international trainings and professional development programs in their […]