Work of an advisor does not ends with the closing of a policy. The right work starts service after sales. Claim settlement plays a key role in ranking all insurers in life insurance sector.

As per IRDA report 2013-14,  Life Insurance Corporation of India has given 98.14% claims, whereas private life insurance companies have given 88.31% claims.

Some Live Examples for fast and perfect claim settlement:

  • LIC Nepal gears up to settle claims of earthquake victims. State-owned life insurer Life Insurance Corporation’s subsidiary LIC Nepal is gearing up to settle the claims in the earthquake-hit country. Life Insurance Corporation’s corporate office in Mumbai has already issued special instruction to its Nepal company.“We have a separate company in Nepal, known as LIC (Nepal) where Life Insurance Corporation has a majority of stake of 55 percent in that company. It’s too early to reach any conclusion as everything is stuck there. School and colleges everything is shut over there since the earthquake took place,” Life Insurance Corporation chairman SK Roy told PTI.

Within 48Hrs of Nepal earthquake, Life Insurance Corporation released a press note for immediate claim settlement for earthquake victims.

  • 13/7 Bomb Blast. None of the Insurance Company come ahead and settled the claims to the victims family. Except Life Insurance Corporation of India.

Now I introduce you the profiles of some Highly Successful Life Insurance Agents.

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The Life History of Legendary Agents of Life Insurance Corporation of India. The source of motivation….

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