Top 10 MDRT Agents 2014

“Million Dollar Round Table” (MDRT) is an independent Organization that acts as a cohesive link between the insurance and financial services professionals across more than 65 countries in the world. Since its inception in 1927, the association has offered its members the privilege of wider networking opportunities, international trainings and professional development programs in their respective field of work.


In 2014, Life Insurance Corporation of India has topped the list of best performers (called the TOT ranking) among MDRT members worldwide.  Here is the list of the Top 10 MDRT agents from LIC in 2014.


Why should you become an MDRT agent?

Becoming an MDRT agent boosts your LIC agent career extraordinarily. Being an MDRT agent helps a professional in a number of monetary and non-monetary ways. An MDRT agent enhances the earning potential of an individual drastically and offers a number of other perks like paid holiday trips, good pension plans and other gifts.

With MDRT in the backing, an insurance agent feels self-satisfied, enjoys a sense of achievement and is much ahead than the others in terms of personal and professional growth. Join the LIC- MDRT association today and give your career the most robust boost it needs.