Jeevan Utkarsh

Jeevan Utkarsh is

*A One Time Investment plan with 10 times of risk cover.
*Accident & Disability benefit also available.
*Tax Rebate while investing and tax free returns on maturity.
*Combination of Investment and  High Risk Cover.
*One time Premium Plan for 12 Years Term.
*Guaranteed Returns on Maturity with Loyalty Addition.
*Risk Cover available 10 Times of Amount Invested Plus Loyalty Additions.
*Option for Additional Accidental and Disability Rider, 1st time in Single Premium Policy.
*Liquidity by way of Loan or Surrender.
*High Yield Investment in current declining interest Scenario.
*Tax Benefits:
a.    Tax Rebate while investing
b.    Tax Free Returns on maturity
*Settlement Options of Policy Proceeds (for 5,10 and 15 Yrs), 1st time in the New Product Regime.

For Whom Jeevan Utkarsh is suitable:

A) Child Segment:
a. For Higher Education
b. For Marriage Purpose
c. Creating Estate for Business Purpose

B) Young  Individuals:
a. Secured and Guaranteed returns with high risk cover
b. Substitute for other Instruments Bank FD, Post Office, M.F etc.
c. Customize Tax Free Pension Provision; Young executive in MNC or other Non-Pensioner Salary Class; opt for settlement option;  payable with mkt prevailing interest rate at the time of executing option
d. Tax Free yield on investment for NRIs/HNI/Celebrities with short earning span
e. Park Lump Sum Money or windfalls

C) Senior Citizen:
a. Gift to their Grand Children
b. Creating Estate for their Children or Grand Children

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